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My Christmas Starts in July Again

Realy, it is only July in a 100-degree weather, and no doubt, I'm already been invited through the magical, what you call it... coincidences.

Been a very busy and hectic day with work.  As with everyday, busy, busy and busy. So, busy, I'm thinking of cutting back on some of the extra projects I have on my plates.

Then a few hours ago, an email came into my Inbox.  As with any emails, the notification came into my Push Notification areas on my phone.

I slided it down and just want to glance at it a little to make that I am not ignoring or missing anything important.  Just as yesterday, I was so busy, I missed a family message via text in the afternoon.  Did not see it until 1am while we're having a late night dinner.  Yes, late dinner. That was how busy we were.  Needless to say, it was a little mess that I missed the text early and have to explain myself (didn't have to, but when it comes to family, it means a lot to me to make sure all cloudy air is clear among family).

I slided down the notification on my phone and saw a Twitter message from Nikki Leonti. She was apologizing that a song was not released yet, but will send the inquirer a copy.  Oh, what song was that?  Maybe I can ask for a copy too.  Curisoity gets the cat, doesn't it.  Well, because of that, I started to look into what was the song about.  

To make it short, it was a song from a movie called Angel Sing.  So, I looked it up on YouTube and see what's about.  I watched the trailer.  It was about a grumpy person who doesn't like Christmas.

Oh!  I said ot myself.  Why?  So, I looked further.  Then, there was Willie Nelson singing Amazing Grace.  Oh?  What's the movie about? I started looking up for the movie. Found it on Amazon.  It was an old movie.  More curious now.  I started to look if I can get a free copy of it from Amazon Prime.  After all, I am a Prime member.  I'm thinking to myself.  So, started this short journey today, looking up this movie. No, it is not free on Prime.  So I saved it on a watch list.  I looked further maybe I can find it on Google Play.  But then, I went back to my email and wonder what song that Nikki sang in that movie.  So, I started the journey even further down the road today looking for a song that Nikki sang.  No, can't find it at this time.  Still searching.

I then came across a video of a song, Christmas Shoes.  It got me.  It brought back memories.  It was a time I got a card of the Christmas Tree in the church.  Got too busy and totally forgot abouit it until Christmas Eve.  Read more about that story, here (update soon).  I watched the YouTube video for the Christmas Shoes song and listened to the song over and over again.  I then came across the movie Trailer for The Christmas Shoes.  I watched the trailer.  Each moment, it reminded me of what happened that one Christmas, a card that I picked off the tree and didn't, almost didn't deliver, but glad I did afterall. And glad I did.  The event was just like the song.  It's amazing how God calls us to serve Him in such an interesting way. Here's the lyric to Christmas Shoes on Google Play.

Meanwhile, another email came through.  Live Streaming video from the White House.  Oh, yes, I want to check it out.  It was President Trump talking to the boys scouts.  in the middle of his speech, he said, ".... Merry Christmas! ... "  Yes, Merry Christmas!!  

Oh Christmas!  After the speech, I went back to my computer and search more on the movie Angel Sing.  After several hours now, I finally decided to go to Google Movie Play and rent it there.  I have credit in my account there.  When I got to the Google Play Movie, it has a "Welcome Back" message with a big discount for any rental.  Yes, I rented the movie instead of $4.99 for HD, I paid only $1.33.  

After that, I remember I have a credit for movie rental from something else I did.  So, I was looking for another movie to see if I can use the credit for and yes, I came acorss Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage.  

Don't know what all these are trying to show me, but I know for sure, coincidently (politely to say), it is Christmas starting now for me, in July. 

Thought I finished this blog by now, then no, not yet.  I saved this file ready for upload. While I'm waiting for the files to get ready, I went to YouTube trying to close the links I have opened for the above videos.  I then saw this title (note, none of these titles I came across earlier has anything to do with Christmas until open the video), it said, "Girl Meet Her Husband from Facebook. She Sings Halo & Wow The Judges !!!"

So, it seems nothing to do with my blog here, until the end of the video.  Oh my goodness!  

I do caroling for seniors at Christmas time.  It has been my commitment for 5 yers.  I even bought books and CD and Ion Blocker speaker to go with everything so I can play and sing Christmas Carols to the seniors at Christmas.  I would organize a litle group come together and sing with me.  Sometimes, I felt that I'm doing all these all alone and felt like, maybe I am doing too much and no one cares.  Why am I doing it?  

Been trying to talk myself out of it this year.  But now, I don't think i have a choice :-)

At the end of the last video that I came across, she was asking for a kiss from one of the judges.  Oh well, thought the person was asking in vain.  No, judge not and you'll be judged.  

She was asking for a kiss for all seniors who asked her to give that judge a kiss for them. She did it and so they seniors can see it that she asked on their behalf.  She works with the seniors.

What does it tell me?  God is amazing!  He is doing everything He can softly and gently to try to get me to not give up on something that is so dear to me and to Him.  Doing something this special for the seniors.  Here's my and see it for  yourselves.


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