Christmas Miralces

Sharing God's Grace One Note at a Time

About Me

This site contains only a list of some of the miracles of my life that I was able to make time to write them here. For a full list of titles with some to be written soon, click My stories of Miracles for more details.

My Stories - Introduction

For many years, I've been writing down the miracle stories related to Christmas and around Christmas time that I personally experienced. With the Internet growing, we are able to post the stories online for others to read. So, I started this website, I wanted to share my stories. With understanding that other people might also have similar stories and experience; they might want to share their stories too. So, I thought of sharing this site with those who have a true Christmas Miracle story to share. Feel free to contact us. This site have stories that you would appreciate and can ponder upon during any special time.

My Stories of Miracles