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Foods and Gifts Came When There Is None, a Story from Shari

Wed, 12/28/2011 - 19:06 

The day after Christmas, someone emailed me, from this site here, a wonderful Christmas Miracle story from her 11 years ago when she received her Christmas Miracle. The story was about a time, close to Christmas, and she had no money, no food, no way to get any presents for her children for Christmas. To top it off, she was pregnant and had just lost her little sister. She was heavily burdened and was at their lowest point financially.

Since she has no money and no way to buy present for her children, she decided to throw a big birthday party for Jesus!! Oh wow, what a wonderful idea: a Birthday Party for Jesus! They had a great time. It was a few days before Christmas. They played game, baked cookies and cake, sang songs and thank the Father for the gift of His son. They talked about the Christmas story and the made pictures and gifts to give to Jesus for His birthday on Christmas morning.

The very next morning after they did this party, she had a knock on the door. She went to see who was at the door, and it was a delivery person from Albertson's. He verified if this the .... residence and she replied yes. He said he had a delivery for them and if he could bring them in. She was puzzled and was wondering what that was about. She didn't order anything. She asked the delivery person to leave the bags on the porch. He told her that he had quite a few bags and didn't think he should leave them on the porch and that he really should help to bring in the bags. And so he did. It wa a lot of bags with all kind of food good for several months. She and her husband estimated that it was about $600 worth of grocery!!

The story didn't end there, she continued. On Christmas morning, they woke up and one of them decided to look out the window, and there they saw their car was packed with Christmas presents!

Here, you can read the full story from the link that was email to me.

Praise the Lord. Thank you, Shari, for sending me this story. Merry Christmas!!

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