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This site contains only a list of some of the miracles of my life that I was able to make time to write them here. For a full list of titles with some to be written soon, click My stories of Miracles for more details.

Pray! It Works.

It was a time, a tough time, back in the 70s, for me. I was a teenager. Things were tough. Like many young people who were lost, I didn't know what to do with me and my life. I was frustrated. Angry with God. And of course, with everything else too.

My life in the earlier days was filled with unusual events and injustice.

With all the challenges I had and frustrations from everything that was done wrong to me, I was lost and didn't know what to do.

One day, I was on a train, in New York. I was so frustrated, facing the back end of the train, with the training going forward behind me, I was in one of those frustrated moments and asking angrily, while looking down, "God! What should I do?!?"

And just at that exact same moment, I looked up and turned my head to the left as to look out of the window to look at the sky, and there, a big huge humungous sign, the size of the top half of a building to my left with a big banner on it and it said, "Pray. It works."

Lord, I shut my mouth from complaining at that moment and started to look down, puzzled. "What? He heard me?"

Yes, He heard me and gave me the answer immediately.

I started praying and in my prayers, I complained. I cried. I told God all that has been done wrong to me. Things that are unfairly and injustly. I asked God to help me. And my list just went on and on. Looking back in time. God has answered many of the requests I've asked. And I have kept my side of tasks: I pray. Everyday I pray.

It's a miracle to me that when my life was at its lowest, God came through and guided me.

He guided me with the immediate answer to my demanding question.

My Stories of Miracles