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Christmas Shoes

This is the story needs to be typed up on this site. Give God His glory and praise.

As with any Christmas time at church, there is a Christmas Tree in the foyer somewhere filled with cards for donations of Christmas gifts for someone. We would pick up a card and bring the present back to church a particular day so the church can get it all wrapped up and bring it to the people in time for Christmas.

I too picked up a card like everyone else. But this year, I got so busy at work that the card just sat in my pocketbook.

For some reason, every time I got into my car, the radio would play this song with the story of a little boy trying to get a pair of shoes for his mother who is going to see Jesus soon.

I started to wonder and looked at my Christmas Gift card taken from the tree to see what it is. Lo and behold, it was asking for a pair of shoes.

Yikes! Maybe God is trying to tell me that I need to get this pair of shoes for someone going to Heaven soon.

Still, I was so busy and with all the extra times that I have to put in at work, I was unable to get shopping for a gift card for shoes.

The radio kept playing the song about this little boy trying to get a pair of shoes for his mother who is going to see Jesus soon.

I didn't know the name of the song. But the lyric was getting my attention.

It was Christmas Eve. Finally, I was off work early. I still didn't get the shoe gift card. I missed the date to bring the present back to church. So, I called to see if I can bring the present to the church and they bring it to the person.

No, they told me. it is too late. I asked if I can bring the shoe gift card to the person then. I really worry that the song was trying to tell me something. Maybe it is for a child's mother who was going to move on soon. I need to do my part.

They gave me the name of the person and address to bring the gift card to the person.

It was a name of a female.

I went to get the gift card from Payless Shoes. I went to pick up a Christmas Card. I wrapped up gfit card nicely in the Christmas card. On Christmas Day, I drove to the address that the gave me.

It was an Assisted Living home. I went inside. All I can see are a bunch of very old people, some of them are so out of it that the needed help to be fed.

Some of them have family visiting them on Christmas day and feeding them food.

I asked them for the lady that that Christmas Gift card is for. They pointed to a room.

I went to the room and there, I saw a woman sitting up on her bed again the pillow looking up the way of family pictures. She was all alone.

I went inside and said hello. She slowly, and looked sadly too, turned her head to me.

I told her that I am from St. Francis in Grapevine. I got her the Christmas Gift card for Payless Shoes.

She took the card and thanked me.

I stayed and chatted a little with her. But she seems lonely and said and didn't seem to want to chat too much.

I wished her a Merry Christmas and left.

Oh Lord, I realized, the song was right. I was thankful that I made it.

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