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This site contains only a list of some of the miracles of my life that I was able to make time to write them here. For a full list of titles with some to be written soon, click My stories of Miracles for more details.

Christmas 2001

  • "The Lord Answered My Prayer Tonight" and gave us a chance to spend sometimes with my Pop before he passed away in 2005 (storie be posted shortly) (Song :Irene" a song on the album "Momentum" by TobyMac released 2001 - The song is so me. It was the year I was shocked with the news that my father had cancer.  I cried and cried and cried.  I couldn't drive.  I would burst into tears in the middle of driving and have to pull over the side of the road to finish brawling.  My mother married me away when I was 15.  And the name Irene was one of my chosen nickyname when I was 12.  So, you go figure.  This message was typed up on July 24, 2017 while I was typing up my blog for My Christmas Starts in July Again.  Guess what, President Trump gave a story today about a man who lost his momentum.  And here, the song Irene from the album Momentum.... I Prayed.

My Stories of Miracles