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Day Before Thanksgiving 2010

Fri, 11/26/2010 - 02:36

Yes, it is Christmas time again! With Thanksgiving Day just one day ago, we are now entering the beginning of Christmas season for 2010! It is an unspoken rule with Christmas starting the day after Thanksgiving Day. November, people are so focus on all the things they need to do for Thanksgiving Day, they will go shopping the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas presents, Christmas cards, Christmas decoration and so forth. Whatever it is, I am so excited that Christmas is here in a few weeks!!! Yes, another miracle just took place this week, and yes, it is around Christmas time again, a day before Thanksgiving Day.

Tears of appreciation filled my eyes when I standing up at the choir stand this early Thanksgiving morning, singing praise, giving thanks to God for his gift. A day before Thanksgiving Day, a time just before Christmas season begins, a few days just before Advent begins this coming Sunday, I have already received the gift from God, my Christmas present, a Christmas miracle. Praise God! Like the movie, Miracle on 34 Street. It would be impossible for that little girl's dream to come true for the house that she dreamed to have, and yet, after she told Santa, her dreamed came true at the end of the movie.

Awesome. Like the movie, my dream came true the day before Thanksgiving Day. That day, that morning, I was about to let go this dream that was so close in my hands to be reached. Just when I was about to let it go, my mom called. The rest was teamwork from the ones in my family who care so much for me that they went out of their ways to help me. My impossible dream came true. Will tell that story in my Impossible Dream Came True, My Christmas Miracle 2010.

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