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O Magnum Mysterium, by Morten Lauridesen, Midnight Mass 2012

Wed, 12/26/2012 - 16:33

I made it. I sang the Midnight Mass 2012! Near the last half of the mass, I started to cough from the cold I caught just a few days before. But I sang through the Christmas Carols, an hour before Mass and made it through this wonderful Christmas Eve, singing the Midnight Mass that I promised to sing each year, from a miracle that God has given me many years ago. See, He kept His share and I must keep mine and I did!

Click on this video below and check out this one beautiful song that I sang with our choir friends, O Magnum Mysterium. I am one of the two descants on the highest notes. Two more ladies popped in that night. One came from nowhere and had never rehearsed with us on this difficult yet very beautiful song. And the other one had missed every rehearsal except the first two.

See, singing the top high notes out loud has to be perfect or else everyone is going to look at you with a shock on their faces. You can't hide from those people with those high notes when you are standing in the front row on the ground level with no mic because the riser was full. The mic was behind me, so it is pure voice if I hit those high notes, and I thanked God that I did. It is for Him that I sing.

I prayed that I wouldn't cough or get an irritated throat before I sang. I prayed that I made it through, especially this one song. And I did it. Click the video below to hear this wonderful song that I sang with our choir friends this Christmas Eve at the Midnight Mass of 2012.

To give back to my Lord Jesus for all the miracles that He has given to me in my life, doing a good job at my singing is very important to me. The top notes that you hear on this song are from me. The mic is far from me, underneath a riser, five steps up from me and I'm on the ground level way in front. So, the mic picked up my sound only on those few high, high notes.

The beautiful vibrato is from my friend who was the other descant who practiced with me at every rehearsal. I had my recorder under the riser and she happened to be standing above the area where my recorder was. So, it is a perfect plan without planning it out that way!! God is good! He made things happen just to show His way. Enjoy!

For the story how I matched this picture with this song, click here.

O Magnum Mysterium, by Morten Lauridesen, Midnight Mass 2012

Update: Note, originally, the video below was from the recording I took from the midnight mass. I want to make sure I sounded okay that night. However, someone from my Facebook Friends sent the video to the director. Needless to say, I was asked to take it down. So, I did. More to this story here. If you like, click here to read it on my other site. The video below is the song that is on YouTube sung by another group, beautifully. Thank you for coming by and read this. Enjoy this wonderful piece.

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