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Christmas Day Cookies 2014

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 19:53

A couple of months ago, one of the choir musician members brought his fundraising packet from school to the rehearsal. As usually, we looked at the packet and see what it has for us to buy. I know the price is higher than normal, but after all, it is for fund raising for the school. It's for a good cause.

I looked at the popcorns, they were $9 a small tin can. Hmm... what else do they have? I looked at another packet he has and it was about cookies. I looked and looked and not sure what to buy because I eat only organic food (as much as possible). I really didn't want to buy anything that is packed with non-organic ingredients. I know, I've been fuzzy and that is me.

But I really wanted to help with buying something just for the fundraising campaign for the school. I looked and looked at each item in both packet. One item kept my attention over and over again was the Hello Kitty cookie dough for $18. What!? 18 dollars! Just for cookie dough! Hmm.... but my granddaughter would love it if I buy this Hello Kitty cookie dough and have a fun Saturday making it together.

So, guess what? I bought it. Yup. I paid $8 on the spot and gave the other $10 a couple of weeks later before the 7pm Mass on Sunday.

That was a couple of months ago. With the events of the Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Lord of Miracles before that with 10 days novena for each event and with Christmas right after our Lady of Guadalupe big celebration, I didn't have time to think about anything else but just make sure that I know my music for both the Spanish and the English mass each week, each day of the celebration and most of all, Christmas!

No, I don't speak Spanish, but I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve Him in singing Spanish mass each week with my husband playing bass at 7pm Mass. People kept telling me that they can't tell that I don't speak Spanish, but I sing Spanish.

So, why am I telling you this? Because, I bought the cookie dough from the Spanish choir member. I am very thankful. I see God's Plans God's Will in every way. I don't understand why certain things happened, at the time when it is happening, but oftentimes when I look back, I realized, it was all part of God's plans for my salvation. I looked down and bow to thank Him everyday.

Back to the cookie dough....

It was Christmas day dinner. We planned this ahead of time, who brings what and who cooks what. We have a very busy season with music and churches. We didn't have time to make everything or shop for everything. So, embarrassingly to say, we didn't have a dessert on Christmas day, after dinner. A family member supposed to bring a cake. He didn't get a chance to buy one because he was busy shopping for everyone this year. That was so nice of him.

I drove all around town on Christmas Day trying to buy a cake. Everyone is closed. After a couple of hours driving earlier part of that day and later part of the day after dinner, I suddenly realized.... Wait! I have the Hello Kitty cookie dough!!

Three weeks before Christmas, the choir member brought the cookie dough to the rehearsal on Tuesday. I was so excited. I called my son and asked if they have time to come over that Saturday for dinner so me and my granddaughter can make Hello Kitty cookies together. He said, "Let's see."

Of course, everyone got busy with everything, we didn't have a chance for dinner, let alone making cookies, that Saturday.

Another week went by. We were busy with music and rehearsal for weekly masses and Christmas Eve masses and Mid Night Mass, we didn't have a chance to meet and make cookies at all. I was worry that the cookie dough will turn sour sitting in the refrigerator. I tried to get together with the other side of the family to make cookie the following Saturday or one of the Saturdays coming up.

Now, back to Christmas Day....

While I was driving around town with my son on Christmas Day, checking our cell phone to see if any one is opened on Christmas Day, suddenly, it dawned to me, "I have the Hello Kitty cookie dough!!!" I told my son.

"Oh! Yes!" He replied.

I was so happy that we still have the cookie dough!!

We drove home and yes, I took the cookie dough out of the frige and showed everyone, "We have dessert!"

They went, "Wow! Yes!"

My granddaughter was so happy helping me making the cookies.

I was so happy setting the oven and baking the cookies.

My daughter-in-law was so happy because she love Hello Kitty.

My granddaugther's favorite, Hello Kitty!

And, a couple of weeks ago, our younger son were shopping at Whole Foods with us and saw a box of Hot Chocolate with individual packets in there. He boughtt the box of Hot Chocolate.

So, to go with the cookies, I made a big jar of hot chocolate, a big jar of coffee and a big pitcher of milk.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner togethere with the family and had a wonderful freshly baked cookies for dessert.

Finally, I realized just the other day, while reflect on the story of the cookie dough and how the timing of how busy everyone was throughout this Christmas season, and how God's plans ahead for us, I then realized, it was another Christmas Miracle in our life.

It's a good one. God sure has a great sense of humor.

Thank You, God, for a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful Christmas Miracle for our Christmas this year.

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