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This site contains only a list of some of the miracles of my life that I was able to make time to write them here. For a full list of titles with some to be written soon, click My stories of Miracles for more details.

Christmas Grace 2014

God's Grace and Miracles are always around us. We just have to watch and listen, stand still sometimes and feel the presence of the Lord in our lives. Miracles do happen. We just have to pay attention to it. I was thinking to myself a little short while ago, "Hmm... it seems most of the miracles of my life happened the most around the 90s when we were in Rockland, NY." Nothing has happened for awhile. I guess that's a good thing.

Not too long after that silly thought, I realized, "OMG! It just happened and I didn't even realized it." See, God's plans are so unique, sometimes we don't pay attention to good things, big or small, happened to us that are the miracles of God. We will say things like, "Thank goodness for this.... Thank goodness for that..." and so forth. But no, we forgot to give that Thank Goodness credit to God :-) Like our Christmas Day 2014 story.

Enjoy! Thank you for coming by my site and read my stories. I will keep them alive here along as possible.

Merry Christmas!!!

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