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Midnight Mass 2009

It was an evening of snow and a cold, cold night. Many churches have canceled their midnight mass. I've been singing with three choirs at two churches. I promised God that I will rotate my service in singing the Midnight Mass between the two churches. Well, last year, I sung at the 2nd church. This year, I suppose to sing at the 1st church, but since I like singing at the 2nd church so much, I was planning to sing my Midnight Mass at the 2nd church, even though I sung there last year's Midnight Mass.

Well put it this way, I was not keeping my promise, as you can see. But thank God I was practicing the Christmas music, including the music for Midnight Mass, at both churches. Interesting that I did that. I did not understand why at that time, why I will practice the Midnight mass music with the 1st church if I'm planning to sing at the 2nd church. I could have spent every Sunday night with my family instead of going to rehearsal at the 1st church. The 2nd church rehearse on Wednesdays.

on December 24, 2009, the eve before Christmas, it started snowing earlier that day. It made history. It never snow on Christmas Eve. Further, it was the first White Christmas that Dallas has ever had since they started recording it. I read it in the news next day, on Christmas day. See Dallas News.  

However, Christmas Eve 2009, it snowed and snowed, and snowed. It was snowing heavier and heavier and heavier. Needless to say, it was a hazard to travel on the road that night. Even so, we were getting ready for our Midnight Mass service. My husband plays his bass at the 1st church. I was planning to go sing at the 2nd church, as I planned, even though I have promised God that I will rotate. As you can see, I was not being as diligent as I should. Here, everyone, learn your lesson with me.

The snow was so bad on this Christmas Eve of 2009, the 2nd Church's choir director's assistant sent an email out at 8:30pm that singing the Midnight mass has been canceled. Canceled! No! The mass is still on, but no singing.

I looked down and realized, God has taken over, I guess. I supposed to go to the 1st church, and so "Here I am, Lord" I went with my husband to the 1st church and I sung the Midnight Mass at the church that I promised God that I will sing my Midnight Mass this year, 2009.

I recorded the Midnight mass music that we sung that night.

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