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Many of us have our special moments, special experience of miracles that is only God can give. I have many of my own stories, true and actual stories of actual experiences that only answers we have to them are... there were Christmas Miracles. I like to share them with you. If you have stories to share, true or fiction for lesson learn, feel free to send it to us.  Meanwhile, subscribe to our RSS and follow our updates all through the year. 

Replies to Emails

I just check my emails stored in the mail server and didn't think, all year long, that any one will write to me.   Since I started the site back in 2008, I've never received email except that one from Shari.  Today, I checked my emails and to my surprise, I have emails!  Oh wow!  Some of them are requests of Miracles.  Some are sharing their miracles.  And some are quesetions asking for calrification of my stories. 

O Magnum Mysterium, by Morten Lauridesen, Midnight Mass 2012

I made it.  I sang the Midnight Mass 2012!  Near the last half of the mass, I started to cough from the cold I caught just a few days before.  But I sang through the Christmas Carols, an hour before Mass and made it through this wonderful Christmas Eve, singing the Midnight Mass that I promised to sing each year, from a miracle that God has given me many years ago.  See, He kept His share and I must keep mine and I did! 

Christmas-Miracles Site Bandwidth 90% Full! Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve!  Earlier today, I was still busy catching up on work.  A flu is going around getting many people sick, especially in our choir.  Yes, since that one evening of promising God that I will sing the Midnight Mass every year, He gives me that one special request for Christmas (will fill this one in shortly). 

And yes, God keeps His promise, and I keep mine.  So, it has been 19 years now,  I make sure, no matter what, no matter where, I will make an effort to sing the Midnight Mass. 

Scars Disappeared! Gone!

Scars disappeared, gone!  (The story is too deep.  All I can say is, I have scars all over me from childhood.  When I met my husband back in 1979, I showed them all to him.  He saw them.  Many people in my family knew about the scars.  Each scar bears a story.  But through the Grace of God, one day, I woke up and I was shocked.  The scars were all gone.  Gone, no sign of them ever existed.  No signs whatsoever that I had scars.  I was puzzled.  I don't know how the scars were gone, but they were all gone.  I looked up in Heaven and I realized, only through the Grace of God can these scars c

My Christmas Miracles 2012 Are Happening and I Just Realized...

Every day, we are way too busy running around doing things.  And every day, there are special moments and we are missing the boat.  I for one, just right now, realized, my Christmas Miarcles are happening and I just realized it.

It is still the first week of Advent.  It is on this special day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  A Holy Day of obligation.

Today Is The Solemnity of Mary, 2012 - Let's Make Rosaries

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to set up our first Meetup of the year with the celebration of our Mother Mary on the Solemnity of Mary, January 1st.  It was on this day, I learned that we must have Faith.

Foods and Gifts Came When There Is None, a Story from Shari

The day after Christmas, someone emailed me, from this site here, a wonderful Christmas Miracle story from her 11 years ago when she received her Christmas Miracle.  The story was about a time, close to Christmas, and she had no money, no food, no way to get any presents for her children for Christmas.  To top it off, she was pregnant and had just lost her little sister.  She was heavily burdened and was at their lowest point financially.

Miracle of Music for the Seniors

A month ago, I said in a prayer, "Lord if you do this for me, I"ll carol for the seniors this Christmas!"  And the Lord did answer my prayer.  But I couldn't keep my share of the promise because I didn't know who to get and where to go and how I'm going to go about caroling. 

Seriously, this is a busy time of the year.  Everyone is all sung out from concerts and extra masses and many long rehearsals.  Who is going sing with me for the seniors?  And what senior house could I sing in?  Carol by myself?  Yes, I could do it, but caroling is a group effort. 

Time To Share More Stories

Today is a very special day, a day of miracle again. Yes, today is another one of those amazing moments took place that I will give full credit to the Miracle of Grace.

I was eager to update this site to keep writing, perhaps recording and tracking, the stories of the miracles in my life.  I have to finish updating this site before I write the story. 

A Miracle of Grace - Born Deaf 29 Year Old Hearing Herself for the First Time After a Hearing Implant

Tonight, I came across this video of a 29 year old, born deaf, hearing herself for the first time after a hearing implant.

This is the season of Love, through the Gace of God, Miracles do happen.