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Many of us have our special moments, special experience of miracles that is only God can give. I have many of my own stories, true and actual stories of actual experiences that only answers we have to them are... there were Christmas Miracles. I like to share them with you. If you have stories to share, true or fiction for lesson learn, feel free to send it to us.  Meanwhile, subscribe to our RSS and follow our updates all through the year. 

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Time To Share More Stories

Today is a very special day, a day of miracle again. Yes, today is another one of those amazing moments took place that I will give full credit to the Miracle of Grace.

I was eager to update this site to keep writing, perhaps recording and tracking, the stories of the miracles in my life.  I have to finish updating this site before I write the story. 

Just in case, the story is "Caroling for the Seniors - A Promise Kept" and we did.  Didn't think it can happen with Christmas this close, and yes, it did.  When God planned it, and we promised to do it, He'll make it happened.  All we do is to follow.

One more thing, if there is any story in your lifetime that is consider a miracle, please, write it down.  You'll be so surprise how much we will need to be reminded of the Grace given to us when we needed it most.

Right now, daring thing to do, I upgrade my site, a day before the Christmas Eve, two days before Christmas!   And so I did.  I'll be back to finish my story of Carol For The Seniors at the Arbor House in Lewisville.