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This site contains only a list of some of the miracles of my life that I was able to make time to write them here. For a full list of titles with some to be written soon, click My stories of Miracles for more details.

My Christmas Miracles 2012 Are Happening and I Just Realized...

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 10:08

Every day, we are way too busy running around doing things. And every day, there are special moments and we are missing the boat. I for one, just right now, realized, my Christmas Miarcles are happening and I just realized it.

It is still the first week of Advent. It is on this special day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A Holy Day of obligation.

I just finished updating my Daily Notes for December 8th on my business site. And just right now, I realized, it is a story worthy to call My Christmas Miracle. We made a difference in someone's life. There were hope and tears, singing and dancing n the story. It is not as drastic as some of those other stories out there, but surely, this one is worthy to to be shared on this site here. And that it is a story worthy to call my Christmas Miracle.

Look closely into the story. It was a great miraculous story.

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